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You can find our office at:

2000 S Wheeling Ave

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We’re on the eighth floor of the Williams Medical Plaza, right next door to Ascension St. John Medical Center and across the street from Utica Square. To make your visit as easy as possible, access the parking garage from the east entrance on 21st and Wheeling.

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Please bring your photo ID and insurance card. We prefer you complete registration via the online link you will receive in an email or text reminder. By doing this in the comfort of your own home, you can take your time without delaying your visit with the physician.

Please feel free to bring guests! However, please keep your number of guests to a maximum of 2.

If you do not complete registration in advance, please arrive 30 minutes prior to your appointment.

Your prenatal examinations are an essential part of care during any pregnancy. Below is the expected visit schedule for a low-risk, term pregnancy. You may require more frequent visits if you have a pre-existing medical condition or develop complications. You’ll also have routine visits within these weeks.

  • Weeks 6-8: Confirm pregnancy, Lab tests, First visit with your provider, Genetic testing options, Educational & diet information, Physical exam
  • Weeks 10-12: Fetal heart tones, Optional visit per provider and patient, Confirm genetic testing decision, Review lab results, Influenza vaccine (November 1-March 31), Due date confirmation
  • Week 20: Ultrasound & discuss results
  • Week 28: Learn to assess fetal movement, Diabetes and blood count test, RhoGAM if RH negative, Schedule hospital tour and birthing classes, Hospital registration
  • Week 32: Tdap/Td vaccinations
  • Week 36: Group B Strep test, Confirm baby’s position, Discuss signs and symptoms of labor and preeclampsia
  • Weeks 40-41: Discuss postdate plan, Schedule postpartum visit after delivery (4-6 weeks out), Routine postpartum visit, Physical exam, Discuss birth control, Feeding, Depression return

The annual well-woman exam often makes women feel nervous or uncomfortable, especially if it’s their first one. If it’s time to schedule your first well-woman exam, it can help to know exactly what to expect to help you feel prepared and at ease during your appointment. A well-woman exam will start like any other doctor’s appointment. You will be asked to fill out paperwork with questions about your family medical history, any medications you’re taking,
general demographic information, your menstrual cycle, whether or not you’re sexually active, and whether you’ve been
pregnant before.

There are four parts of the well-woman exam: the physical exam, breast exam, pelvic exam, and pap smear. Breast exams help detect early signs of breast cancer, while the pelvic exam helps detect early stages of cancer, sexually transmitted diseases, and other pathology of the pelvis, and a pap smear helps to detect early forms of cervical cancer.

At registration, we will confirm your coverage and what you can expect to pay. We do request that the co-pay be paid at the time of your appointment. If you do not have health insurance or if we are not contracted with your insurance we do offer a discounted fee schedule available at the time of your appt.

In case of emergencies, if you are pregnant, go to Ascension St. John Medical Center located at 21st and Utica and proceed directly to the OB emergency department located on the 6th floor of the hospital. For our non-pregnant patients we recommend you be seen at an urgent care or hospital emergency department closest to you.

While some medications are safe for pregnancy, the effects of others may have unknown effects on your unborn baby and are cautioned against. If you have any current prescription medications, please check in with your physician.

  • Pregnancy-safe allergy medications:
    • Benadryl
    • Chlor-Trimetron
    • Claritin
    • Zyrtec
    • Saline nasal spray
    • Neti Pot
  • Pregnancy-safe cold and flu medications:
    • Mucinex
    • Robitussin DM or regular strength Robitussin
    • Cough Drops
    • Vicks VapoRub
  • Pregnancy-safe constipation medications:
    • Increase Fiber (Metamucil or Ctirucel) and water
    • Stool Softener (Colace)
    • Stimulants (Miralax or Milk of Magnesia)
  • Pregnancy-safe fever/pain relievers:
    • Tylenol
  • Pregnancy-safe gas medications:
    • Mylanta
    • Simethicone
  • Pregnancy-safe heartburn medications:
    • Mylanta
    • Tums
    • Pepcid
  • Pregnancy-safe hemorrhoid medications:
    • Preparation H
    • Tucks
  • Pregnancy-safe nausea medications:
    • Ginger chews or peppermint
    • Ginger tablets 250mg up to four times daily
    • Vitamin B6 25mg three to four times daily
    • Doxylamine 12.5mg three to four times daily
  • Pregnancy-safe yeast infection medications:
    • Monistat